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Host a fundraising event

Gather your friends together for a house party to raise money for Rahab’s 3rd year at Daraja. Invite guests at your upcoming wedding to donate to Daraja in your name for a sustainable source of water on campus. Host Daraja’s Founders at your children’s school assembly. The possibilities to invest thoughtfully and personally in Daraja are endless!

Please send us an email for assistance in determining needs on campus you’d like to sponsor, or to get started with your event ideas!

Daraja Education Fund Office Volunteers

Throughout the year, the Daraja Education Fund office needs volunteers to help for our annual campaign, special DEF hosted fundraisers, and monthly activities. We value volunteers with all skills and interests.

Please send us an email for volunteer opportunities!

Start a Daraja club

Daraja Clubs around the world originate from groups of students converting their passion about girls’ education in East Africa into fundraisers, benefits, and partnerships to benefit Daraja Girls.

Clubs raise money by selling products, hosting exclusive film screenings, throwing concert benefits, and partnering with local businesses.  Current Daraja Clubs are located in California, Virginia, Australia, Singapore, and Austria.

Please send us an email to get the details on chartering a Daraja club at your school!