Transition students spend three months in a classroom setting and conclude the 5-month program with a 2-month internship at various businesses, organizations, and schools in the Daraja community.

At Daraja, we seek to resolve impending barriers our graduates might face in the real world. As such, the Transition Program is a 5-month life skills training program developed to focus on building self-reliance skills through an internship, continued community service, and practical life lessons. 

The program is a response to a forced gap year due to impacted Kenyan universities and is designed to resolve barriers graduates may face in the real world.

The Transition Program enables the girls to practically implement the teachings of the W.I.S.H. Program through life skills training, an internship, and continuing community service.

Program Elements

Career Exploration

Computer Skills

Personal Finance

Community Leadership

Home Economics

Integrity & Ethics

Business Skills

Citizen Responsibilities