The Written Image

By  Christine M. (Form 4) If you saw her today, you wouldn’t believe she is the one. A girl full of life and determined to challenge life. In the year 2000, in Murang’a, Kenya, a bouncing baby girl was delivered in Marie Slopes. She was a source of joy to Mr. and Mrs. Maina, since she happened to be their first  born. As soon as she drew in her first gulp of air, her parents knew that she had something special. Soon after, she started developing complications and was rushed to the hospital only to be diagnosed with asthma. Most people, including some of her closest relatives started losing hope in the life of this baby. However, the parents still clutched at a straw believing that the child would

People and Character

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By Zeituna A. (Form 3)

Discipline, Hard Work, and Focus

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By Anita K. (Form 1)

Fight Against Corruption

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By Martha A. (Form 1)

Religion and Belief

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By Miriam W. (Form 3)

Keeping The Love Tank Full

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By Irene M. (Form 1)

Fight Against Corruption

By Martha A. (Form 1) In Kenya there has been corruption for several years. Leaders use the resources that are supposed to be used to bring development, for their own good. Like some of the MCA, instead of building roads and homes for the homeless, they use it to develop their own houses and not for the rest. They build very big houses and start businesses for themselves hence bringing a lot of poverty

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Breast Cancer in Kenya

By  Nancy W. (Form 1)   According to Kenya Cancer Network, breast cancer causes about 7% of deaths  among women per year. Women face a higher  risk of breast cancer than men. The exact cause of breast cancer is unknown. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, breast cancer

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People and Character

By Zeituna A. (Form 3) The word “character” stands for a lot of characters and personalities. We have emotional, rude, polite, nice, and funny people. But, what I have learnt is that nobody has one particular character, but that someone is termed “funny” if he/she is repeatedly noticed to do so. I believe that everyone has once had a certain character

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Wildlife Poaching

By Juster M. (Form 2) Lion, wild and mighty king of the jungle with point claws and thick mane, The beautiful long necked spotted giraffe, Grazing happily on the dry savanna grassland, The black and white striped zebra and the mighty rhinoceros, The enormous elephant with the amazing trunk and tusks, Now becoming fewer and fewer, because of man and his destructiveness,

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