I am a Smart Ghetto Girl

By Eunice W. (Form 3) Spending your life in a Ghetto is the most enjoyable life to have ever spent. I come from Mukuru Kwa Mjenga in Nairobi. So far, so good. I have always been there since my childhood and now I am a teenager. Housing in a slum is cheaper, easier and readily available, but, despite of all that, the houses are extremely small and houses are closely compacted to each other. Worst of all those houses are made of iron sheets and, because you’re always indoor, its extremely hot in the daytime and extremely cold at night. Sincerely speaking, the environment is polluted all around as people throw dirt everywhere. There are ditches everywhere, so people don’t struggle to dispose their waste in a specific

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By Christine M. (Form 4) Heroism has nothing to do with skin colour or social status. It is a state of mind and a willingness to act for what is right and just. Knowing what you need to know actually drives out fear. For one to change a wrong situation, you do not need to be an expert, all you need is the urge to take the right steps. Tecla is a girl who was from a humble background. John, who was her father, worked as a night guard in a mansion that belonged to a famous businessman in town. Unfortunately,

Endangered Rhinos

By Stella N. (Form 4) Rhinos are herbivores. In a day a rhino can eat up to 120 pounds of grass. An adult rhino can weigh up to 3 tons, but a rhino is not dangerous. Its aim is not to harm people but to chase them away. There are different types of rhinos in the world. There is the black rhino, Indian rhino which is horned, Sumatran rhinos and the Javan rhinos.

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The Importance of Food Safety

By Farhia I. (Form 1) Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation and storage of food in ways that prevent food-borne illnesses. In various parts of the world, especially in rural areas people do not practice food safety. In such places street food trade is developing rapidly.

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Turkana Community Culture

By Reginah (Form 3)  Turkana Community are Nilotic people of Kenya. The Turkana tribe are a nomadic pastoralist people that inhabit the Turkana district in Kenya, rift valley province. The Turkana tribe is part of the Nulatic tribes and constitute of the second largest pastoralists in Kenya after the Maasai’s. Despite the Turkanan’s independence, their bravery and freedom of movement, the

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Its All About History

By Roselyn A. (Form 3)  My favorite subject is History Teaches me about government and the past Knowing legislative, executive and judicial It’s all about history Can you image you evolved from apes? Passing through all stages and becoming who you are I know you are surprised and it sounds funny But it’s all about studying history Knowing about how women’s role

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