The Pillars and Beliefs of the Islamic Religion

By  Anzel M. (Form 1) Islam means peace or submission to the will of God. It is a religion founded by Mohamed (SAW). Allah is the one and only God. A Muslim is someone who follows or practices Islam. The rules of Islam are based on five pillars. The first pillar is the declaration of faith (shahadda) — trusting and understanding Allah. There is no god but Allah and no prophet but Prophet Mohamed (SAW), the final messenger. The second pillar is swalah, which means praying five prayers a day. The third pillar is zakat. Rich people pay, give, and share their wealth with poor people. The fourth pillar, soum, is fasting for the holy month. For people above the age of fifteen years, fasting is compulsory unless they

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The Mountain

By Christine C. (Form 3) Once upon a time, there lived three siblings, Steve, Geoffrey, and Anita. They lived alone in the small village of Karas after losing their parents in a road accident. Though Anita was a small girl and the last born of her family, she was brave and wiser than her brothers. They lacked basic needs and this makes life difficult for them. One day, they were sitting at the beautiful farm full of flowers, making their own stories and remembering how their mother used to do this with them. As they continued to sit there, there came

Migration, Calamities, and Corruption

By Peris N. (Form 1) Many situations keep happening in this life. There are so many things happening in this world. First, I will talk about migration of people to Kenya and about people in Kenya migrating to other countries. Migration happens because people fear being attacked by other people. Some even fear the natural calamities they face. Some fear politics especially when people do not agree with one party. They fear calamities like

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The Importance of Food Safety

By Farhia I. (Form 1) Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation and storage of food in ways that prevent food-borne illnesses. In various parts of the world, especially in rural areas people do not practice food safety. In such places street food trade is developing rapidly.

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Girls’ Education

By Mary K. (Form 1) Girls are the most important people in the society. They assist and take a big part in assisting the community. They are good-hearted and really try their best to do an important thing in the community. Girls’ education is very important in the society. After girls have been educated, they do mighty things like developing the

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Cries From Desperate Souls

By Nancy A. (Form 1) Cries from desperate souls In common plea to all Listen the pain of the voiceless Seeking to awaken consciousness Mama let us live Let me survive for each river in a silent plea The sources of the harden of glimmerces And the future citizens disconnected from their storms Lives once again in waste The bloody macess of

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