People with Albinism

By Brenda N. (Form 1) Albinism is a genetic disorder that causes the skin, hair or eyes to have little or no color, and it is also associated with visual problems. Albinism is caused by a defect in one of several genes that produce or distribute melanin. The condition can be passed by either one or both parents having the albinism gene. Children are usually at risk of having albinism. There are different types of albinism. There are types that affect the skin, hair and eyes. For example, ocular albinism is the result of a gene mutation on the X chromosome and occurs almost exclusively in males. It only affects the eyes. These people have normal skin color, but have no coloring in the Retina (black of the

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A Brutal Experience

By Martha O. (Form 2) I went upcountry to visit my grandmother for the holidays. As usual, my cousins and I got so excited when it was time to go fetch firewood. We loved telling stories as we fetched the wood. As soon as we got there they were so fast collecting their wood. We love competing. Before I knew it, I was left alone still collecting my last pieces.  It was getting late and I remembered the terrifying news that was going around the village about that forest. Before I even walked a mile I heard huge footsteps behind me.

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Knowing Your Background Will Help You Know Your Future

By Perpetue M. (Form 3) If you know your future, then I am sure your future will not be unfamiliar to you. We all know this African continent was colonized. The heroes and sheroes who participated in fighting for our independence did a good job. I don’t know how to show my gratitude to them. Neither could they even shave their hair neither could they even eat just to get our independence. Some participated

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It Takes Two People To….

By Zeituna A. (Form 3) and Dorcus A. (Form 2) Have you ever sat down to imagine how life would be if you got pregnant now? Teenage pregnancy is the state of having a baby developing inside a teenager. It is stated that for every 1,000 girls in Kenya

November 15th, 2018|

Cut One, Plant Ten

By Dorcus A. (Form 3) So many are times when we hear people complaining about drought and famine. So many are times when we hear people complaining that some people’s sins have caused the world to be the hell it is now. Something that people have never realized is that blaming others for something wrong that has happened rather than blaming

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Disability is not Inability

By Dorcus A. (Form 3) God created everyone in this world uniquely. Just because I am disabled in one way or another does not mean I am unable. My blindness will not hinder me from seeing my future. My lameness will not hinder me from walking to my destiny. I see. I talk. I walk. I hear. I feel. I agree I

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