Every Drop Counts: Transition Students Host Anti-Pollution Campaign

Daraja Transition Students Win 53,000 Kenya Shillings for Anti-Pollution Campaign In conjunction with Laikipia Wildlife Forum in Nanyuki, Daraja Academy Transition students created an anti-pollution river campaign grant proposal. Students assessed community needs and compiled research about where river pollution and water shortage was a major problem in communities surrounding Daraja’s campus. In the

A new K.C.S.E. tradition!

On the morning of their first exam day for the K.C.S.E. testing, fourth year Daraja students listened intently as a letter from “Mom and Dad,” or co-founders Jason and Jenni, was read to them. This year is the second year that Daraja Academy has had girls taking the K.C.S.E. and clear traditions are beginning to

Teachers Explore Gender, Power & Self-Reflection in Inaugural T.I.S.H. Class

For the first time, Daraja teachers engaged in their own version of W.I.S.H....and called it T.I.S.H (Teachers of Integrity, Strength and Hope)! They participated in a Privilege Walk with the results highlighting how much gender has affected the teachers in their own life paths. Teachers were asked to participate in a Privilege Walk. Each person

Weekly Wrap Up: Two Students Find a Teachable Moment From an Argument

From arguments to auditions, this week served up important teachable moments in compromise, self-worth and perseverance for the girls of Daraja. The Argument-Turned-Teaching Moment: A heated debate transpired on the way to Mpala last weekend. A few students made a passionate case for geography holding the highly-coveted position of the most important class in school.

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