A new K.C.S.E. tradition!

On the morning of their first exam day for the K.C.S.E. testing, fourth year Daraja students listened intently as a letter from “Mom and Dad,” or co-founders Jason and Jenni, was read to them. This year is the second year that Daraja Academy has had girls taking the K.C.S.E. and clear traditions are beginning to

Daraja celebrates Malala Day

On October 9, 2012, Malala Yousafzai, a young activist for girls’ education, survived an assassination attempt by Taliban gunmen, in her home country of Pakistan. Her wounds were felt worldwide, including by Daraja students and staff. Check out what happened last year, when Daraja students were asked what steps they could take to let Malala

Student Spotlight: Fatuma A

As we reflect on this year's amazing milestones, we can't help but go back to square one: What types of girls enter the Daraja gates? Who were they before they were freshmen at Daraja? Every girl seems to have her own story of absolute determination. We've highlighted Fatuma A, an approaching senior at the academy.

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