Daraja team had the highest turnout and amount raised of all Bay to Breakers charity partners!

On Sunday, May 20th, more than 120 Daraja advocates came out in groves to represent the Daraja girls at the 101st Bay to Breakers footrace in San Francisco. Despite being a FRACTION of the size of the other charity partners, the Daraja Academy team was the biggest group represented at the race and the worldwide

We did it! The Bay to Breakers Recap.

What made this year's Race for Daraja so phenomenal? YOU DID. From each and every student, faculty member, supporter, volunteer and intern, from Kenya to California and all over the world, thank you for making Race for Daraja 2012 a phenomenal success. Three Events. One Family. Over $90,000 Raised! Lilian, Form 1, tries to

Weekly Wrap Up: Alone on campus for 2 weeks, the Form 4s get specialized tutoring to prepare for the KCSE exam.

With just the Form 4s left on campus this week, campus life was split between studying, reviews, and gearing up for Bay to Breakers! Although Forms 1-3 left campus 2 weeks ago, the Form 4s stayed on campus for more examinations and tuition. "We stay on campus longer than the other forms for tuition. That