Visit Kenya. Stay on campus. Make a difference.

Daraja Academy is looking for skilled volunteers! Our campus relies on people with special skills and knowledge to accomplish tasks for which we currently lack the expertise or staff. You’ll stay on campus, get to know the girls, and have the opportunity to go on field trips around the area. This is a wonderful opportunity for professionals looking to give back in a hands-on way. The amount of time spent on campus is dependent on the nature of the project, and will be determined on an individual basis. We ask that volunteers reimburse a nominal cost for their room, board, and in-country transportation.

We are currently looking for volunteers with the following skills:

Education Professional: We’re looking for someone with leadership experience in a school/academic setting, who can lead professional development trainings for our teaching staff. We’re looking for someone with experience teaching pedagogic skills, classroom management/techniques, and other relevant skills to secondary-level teachers. Experience with project-based learning would be ideal. Experience working in a low-resource context/school desired.

Food Industry Professional: Daraja provides meals for over 100 people per day, cooked on-site by five kitchen staff. We’re looking for someone with experience in school kitchens or other large-scale restaurant environment to provide additional culinary training to our kitchen staff. Experience in nutrition would be ideal.

Sports Development Professional: We’re looking for someone with sports/coaching leadership experience to provide intensive sports training for our students and coaching support/training for our staff. Experience in any/all of the following would be ideal: rugby, football, netball, handball, basketball, volleyball, cross-country, yoga. Experience coaching women’s sports desired, if possible.

Counseling/Mental Health Professional: We’re looking for someone with extensive experience in mental health and counseling to provide relevant training for our non-counseling staff, in order to improve our full staff’s capacity to support our students’ mental health. Experience in similar contexts would be ideal. Experience working with victims of sexual abuse, FGM, early marriage, trauma, and forced migration desired.

Public Speaking Workshop Leader: We’re looking for someone with experience in public speaking, performance, theater, or other speaking-based activities to provide public speaking workshops for our students. Experience in a context of women’s empowerment desired.

Sustainability/Environment/Agriculture Professional: Daraja Academy’s environmental impact is highly centered on food production, as we grow much of the food consumed here in our campus farms. We’re looking for someone with experience in sustainability and agriculture to improve our environmental practices. Experience in recycling programs desired. Experience working with extremely limited water and/or agriculture in East Africa would be ideal.

Architecture Professional: Daraja is looking to expand its programs, which means an expansion of the buildings and facilities on campus. We’re looking for someone with extensive experience in architecture and school design to help us with the design and planning of the expansion. Architectural experience in East Africa and/or sustainable architecture experience ideal.

First Aid/CPR Trainer: We’re looking for someone who is certified to teach First Aid, CPR, or other relevant basic medical skills to our students and staff. Trainer should be able to explain medical terms in simple English, and be ready to teach to students whose first language is not English.

Artist/Muralist: We’re looking for artists to plan and lead art projects with our students. Experience in a wide range of artistic mediums would be welcome, dependent on resource limitations. Experience in art therapy and/or teaching art to teenagers would be ideal, as would experience in planning and executing murals (especially working with groups to complete the painting of the mural).

Skilled Volunteer Form

Fill out the form below and a member of our staff will be in touch with you directly. From all of us on campus, we can’t wait to meet you!