Articles are typed by staff and volunteers, and are edited lightly for clarity. Each piece reflects only the thoughts of the writer at the time, and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of Daraja Academy.

A Girl’s Plea

By Stella W. (Form 3)   Help us fight Help us win And victory it will be For all generations to come This is my plea When I was born Four ululations were heard Because I am a girl When my brother was born A big celebration was held Five ululations were heard Because he

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Loverbirds Day

By Suzane A. (Form 4)   Author's Note: I celebrate this day every year with my sisters. Even though I may be alone, it does not stop me from writing these couple of Valentine’s day notes.  Forgive me if I love you too much And I’ll forgive you for not loving me enough. Best

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There He Was

By Stella W. (Form 3) Along the beautiful sea shore At the white sandy beach Where I could see the waves Turn from good to better From bad to worse And there my mind wandered. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder Opened my eyes and saw a shadow at my feet I

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Plea to Fight

By Stella W. (Form 3) Mama, please, may I go I want to fight And bring back freedom To where it belongs, to us! No, baby I really don’t Advocate for it You are at the threshold of marriage Baby don’t go. Mama, I do not like to see you sad But mama, don’t

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Human Imagination

By Stella W. (Form 3)   We have beautiful imaginations. Wonderful creation That brings out the best innovation. I saw that dazzling light That appeared in the beautiful night Coming away all darkness fright. Then I saw an angel Who had worn a golden bangle It had different jingles As if it were a

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