Born To Become

By Ester N. (Form 3) God gave you a gift of who you are and where you are, but who you become and where you go is your gift to God. It is through your process of becoming that God will be glorified and God will receive praise out of your prosperity. He didn’t

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Self Help and Self Esteem

By Farhia I. (Form 1) Self help is the act of relying on your own efforts and abilities in order to solve your problems, rather than depending on other people for help. Self-esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. There are two types of self-esteem, high self esteem and low self

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Living A Life of Example

By Stacy K. (Form 1) We all are perfectly and wonderfully designed in a way that we can fulfill our purposes on earth. Each day, when you wake up, make this your personal question, “How am I influencing the next generation.” When you walk, talk, smile and doing anything, always remember that you

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Turkana Community Culture

By Reginah (Form 3)  Turkana Community are Nilotic people of Kenya. The Turkana tribe are a nomadic pastoralist people that inhabit the Turkana district in Kenya, rift valley province. The Turkana tribe is part of the Nulatic tribes and constitute of the second largest pastoralists in Kenya after the Maasai’s. Despite the Turkanan’s

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