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Suicide Among the Youth

By Mercy W. (Form 1) A human being’s life is always faced with challenges but we should always try to overcome them. When challenges become too rigid, many people tend to lose hope, hail curses at themselves and even others especially the youth heed to taking away their lives. However, what we do not

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People with Albinism

By Brenda N. (Form 1) Albinism is a genetic disorder that causes the skin, hair or eyes to have little or no color, and it is also associated with visual problems. Albinism is caused by a defect in one of several genes that produce or distribute melanin. The condition can be passed by

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Causes of Environmental Pollution

By Reginah A. (Form 3) The causes of environmental pollution are many, including oil, air pollution, and soil erosion.Oil spillage causes environmental pollution when oil is spilled in water. Oil kills the aquatic animals, thus causing decomposition that will lead to further pollution. Smoke and fumes from industries also cause environmental pollution since

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It Takes Two People To….

By Zeituna A. (Form 3) and Dorcus A. (Form 2) Have you ever sat down to imagine how life would be if you got pregnant now? Teenage pregnancy is the state of having a baby developing inside a teenager. It is stated that for every 1,000 girls in Kenya 96 girls conceive each day.

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