Hailing from Australia, Team Toorak combined a group of about fifty 9th grade girls, a passionĀ for girls’ education, and love for Daraja to demonstrate the very power that the students at Daraja celebrate daily: girl power.

Running on the strength of passion and enthusiasm, the girls were able to contribute an impressive $2,040, and they’re not done yet! The girls are motivated even after the race to raise the extra $460 that will total a year’s education for Daraja student, Lilian.


Julia, stellar athlete from Team Toorak, gave the race her all, running the entire 12km after school. Her drive and spirit filtered inspiration through her team and showed in the amount of support she was able to create thanks to her dedication. Equally impressive is the awesome logo created by Ruby, which was represented on the cool badges Team Toorak sported during the event.

More on Team Toorak here!

THANK YOU, TEAM TOORAK! You are what makes Daraja AWESOME. And special thanks to the Lukach family for taking to heart “Daraja means bridge” by creating bridges to connect Daraja family members all over the world. We appreciate you!