Daraja students learn about Sexual Assault and create “Traveling Postcards”

Part of being a WISH woman for Daraja students (a Woman of Integrity, Strength, and Hope) is learning about issues that impact their world. As global citizens and leaders in their communities, learning about issues that affect themselves and their communities is vital. During the month of July, Daraja students learned about the importance of

Daraja graduates: Where are they headed?

So, the first Daraja graduates have been welcomed into the world, but where to? Many girls are attending University, many are applying to enroll in college courses, and many plan to search for jobs and bring their gained knowledge and skills back to their communities. Everlyne and Christine (Tina) will be attending Moi University, where

Daraja’s First Ever Graduation Ceremony!

On Friday, August 23 Daraja held our first ever graduation ceremony. The ceremony celebrated Daraja’s class of 2012 after their four years of secondary school curriculum at Daraja Academy, KCSE testing, and Transition Program this spring. As Daraja’s campus filled with guests including families of the graduates and staff from Laikipia County’s education office, the

Environmental Responsibility on Daraja’s campus

With environmental responsibility being an integral aspect of Daraja’s educational model, sustainability is incredibly important on campus! Daraja students are regularly learning and doing projects to improve environmental sustainability. In July, two volunteers, Leigh and Amelia, did a water project on campus where they measured the amount of water that was being used daily, weekly,

Daraja’s Pathways Program

At the end of each term, students and staff gather together at a closing meeting the night before students depart from campus for their breaks. Housekeeping items such as cleaning and packing and transportation are addressed in this meeting, in addition to the announcement of end of term scores. The top ten girls in each

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