Kenya My Land

By Perpetua M. (Form 2) Wow! Wow! Wow! I do not know what to day or simply what to do. I am stranded as I am writing this article. Kenya is a land full of people with smiles on their faces, but others are crying. Crying for

Living A Life of Example

By Stacy K. (Form 1) We all are perfectly and wonderfully designed in a way that we can fulfill our purposes on earth. Each day, when you wake up, make this your personal question, “How am I influencing the next generation.” When you walk, talk, smile and

The #Real Me

By Juster (Form 2) I am purple: royal and wealthy with wisdom. I am bold and proud like a sunflower. My beautiful smile exposes my happiness to the world, not letting the world expose its smile to me. I am like water, making the people in this

Tribal Clashes

By Ester N. (Form 3) What are tribal clashes? These are conflicts that occur among some communities or countries concerning tribes. The reason as to why many parts of Kenya have tribal classes is due to differences in leadership. They may fight due to the type of

Recent Scientific Discoveries

By Brenda N. (Form 1) With technology, our world is becoming smaller and smaller everyday. New things are emerging and new animals and techniques being discovered. Our world is becoming smaller and smaller, especially when research is done and people, I don’t know whether it is increased

It Takes Two People To….

By Zeituna A. (Form 3) and Dorcus A. (Form 2) Have you ever sat down to imagine how life would be if you got pregnant now? Teenage pregnancy is the state of having a baby developing inside a teenager. It is stated that for every 1,000 girls in

Jamaica’s Story

Meet Jamaica: A Daraja graduate who isn't afraid to stand up for herself and decide her own destiny.

A Brutal Experience

By Martha O.  It was late in the evening, my mother had arrived home from the market. She called and told me she wanted to send me to my grandmother. Upon hearing this, I was very happy because for a long time I had not seen my

Its All About History

By Roselyn A. (Form 3)  My favorite subject is History Teaches me about government and the past Knowing legislative, executive and judicial It’s all about history Can you image you evolved from apes? Passing through all stages and becoming who you are I know you are surprised and

I am a Smart Ghetto Girl

By Eunice W. (Form 3) Spending your life in a Ghetto is the most enjoyable life to have ever spent. I come from Mukuru Kwa Mjenga in Nairobi. So far, so good. I have always been there since my childhood and now I am a teenager. Housing

Turkana Community Culture

By Reginah (Form 3)  Turkana Community are Nilotic people of Kenya. The Turkana tribe are a nomadic pastoralist people that inhabit the Turkana district in Kenya, rift valley province. The Turkana tribe is part of the Nulatic tribes and constitute of the second largest pastoralists in Kenya

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