School of My Dreams

Daraja is such a wonderful place for me. This is a place where everyone could wish to be. This school is very awesome and is located in Nanyuki as you head to Doldol.

Student Perspectives on FGM

I would like to encourage the girls of Daraja to hold hands together and go to their communities and be women of WISH by teaching all the people on the dangers of FGM. Let’s work together by raising our voices saying “NO TO FGM.” 

Educated Girls, Unstoppable Women

Monicah's (Class of 2012) future was destined to be a house cleaner until Daraja paid her $3 bus fare to attend an interview. After completing university, she won a coveted position at ActionAid Kenya due to her activism and feminist viewpoints. She will break down barriers and build bridges in the next 10 years. 

My First Day at Daraja

I was nervous because I had never gone to a boarding school. I told my mother that I was going to be friendly to my fellow students but I had a little tension. As we neared the gate, my heart had already started beating thunderously.

One Kenya, One People

Today, we need to remember that even though there are 43 ethnic communities included as Kenyans, we all belong to one tribe, one community, one nation — KENYA. A nation defined by one flag, one anthem, one presidency, one government, and — above all — one constitution.

Daraja Welcomes Class of 2021 to Campus!

The Class of 2021 is arriving on campus, and (after all this waiting), current students are absolutely giddy to meet their new sisters. By the time the first matatus arrive, current students have made up the new students’ beds and are hanging on the fence by the gate, screaming and cheering as the first arrivals hesitantly get out of the cars.

Do something good this Valentine’s Day

For nearly all of the students, Daraja is the first place they’ve had their very own beds. Unfortunately, our bunk beds are extremely old and falling apart. The metal beds are rickety, unstable, and don’t have rails -- making the top bunks quite scary. The top bunks of the wooden beds have actually collapsed onto girls sleeping on the bottom bunks. Many of the beds no longer stand up on their own, and are wedged between other beds and walls to keep them upright.

On Sending 340 Letters of Regret

As we wrap up the final admissions interviews, we reach the most difficult part of the process: deciding which girls will receive joyous calls welcoming them to campus, and which will receive letters of regret. With only 30 available spots, we will be sending over 340 such letters this year. We are devastated for their recipients.

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