Back to School at Daraja Academy

By Diana Grote It’s the start of a new school year here at Daraja Academy, and the campus has already come alive! On Thursday, students arrived back to campus, lugging backpacks full of books, some having travelled for days to get here. Coming back to campus

2017: Year in Review

By Janelle Lamb 2017 has been a huge year for Daraja, and we owe it all to our supporters. Here are just a few things we've accomplished together this year: We launched The Daraja Times, Kenya's first digital, high-school newspaper. Read what the Daraja girls have to say about free

Food and Nutrition at Daraja

By Miriam Pineau On the Daraja Campus, 6 a.m. is a magical time of day. For once, the grounds are eerily quiet. The air is cool and fresh and the sky is a beautiful light, bright blue. The girls wake up early for the one thing

What Makes a Girl “Daraja”

By Miriam Pineau Being a Daraja girl means so much more than simply attending Daraja Academy. A Daraja girl embodies the Daraja philosophy, as conceptualized by founders Jason and Jenni Doherty. What makes a Daraja girl? A Daraja girl wakes up every day with one goal:

Riches Can’t Buy Parents Love

By Zeituna A. (Form 2) “Daddy, daddy I had something, could you…” The father would retort, “No, I am sorry dear. I have a meeting to attend. I am busy right now.” “Mom, could you please…” “Ohhh! I am so so sorry but right now I am

A Phenomenal Woman

By  Silvia M. (Form 1)   The subject of this profile is Victoria Gichuhi, a mother of two biological daughters and many more she owns at heart because of Daraja. She comes from a family of eight children, that includes six girls and two boys. Her family believes

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