Wildlife Poaching

By Juster M. (Form 2) Lion, wild and mighty king of the jungle with point claws and thick mane, The beautiful long necked spotted giraffe, Grazing happily on the dry savanna grassland, The black and white striped zebra and the mighty rhinoceros, The enormous elephant with the amazing

The Good Old Days

By Cynthia W. (Form 1) Those were the days, the good old days, When I was a child, the queen of our home, Everything depended on me, My needs came first, So tiny was I, yet I ruled them all. Those were the days The good old days,

Corruption! Corruption! Let’s End Corruption!

By  Christine C. (Form 2) After finishing her Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education, she was hopeless, helpless and not knowing where to go and where to start from. She was in a dilemma situation. The KCPE results were aired out and she found herself being the top

Early marriage is a challenge for girls in my community.

By  Sumeya M. (Form 3) Girls are the innocent people on earth according to me. In my community girls have big dreams to make their lives to be happy but the opportunity to reach their dreams is very small. Most of them go through hardships. They are looked

Girl Child Education in Garissa County

By Anzel M. (Form 1) My name is Anzel Mohamed. I studied primary at Masalani Girls in Ijara Sub-County. I feel lucky being at school although people in my community insult me and threat me like an outsider. The greatest problem in Garissa County is discriminating girls. People

The Importance of Farming

By Florence A. (Form 4) The most important people in Kenya for example are the farmers. We all can agree that agriculture is out back bone. When we wake up we need breakfast, during lunch, we all need food and during supper, our stomachs are always wanting.

Run For Daraja

“When I run, the pain that I usually feel is the pain that someone feels when she is looking for money for her school," says Sabdio, a Form 4 student at Daraja.

The Future of Daraja

Daraja may not shout to be known, but the whispers of it will translate to the voice of many girls in the world — not only Kenya. I think the future of Daraja is greater and brighter. I believe in Daraja.

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