Every day on campus, a Daraja girl hits her desk at 6AM. Aside from meals, sports, and the occasional club meeting, she stays anchored to that desk until 10PM – and that’s only because we close the classrooms down! The Daraja girls are putting everything they have into their studies, but our rapidly deteriorating desks just aren’t holding up to their enthusiasm.

This year, up your Valentine’s Day game: Avoid the last-minute teddy bears and roses, and give a desk to a Kenyan girl in need.

For $60, you can buy a desk that will last for years – even under the strain of the Daraja girls’ study habits! We need 120 people to donate today in order to secure desks for all of our current and incoming students. Donate a desk (or part of a desk!) in honor of a person you care about, and we’ll tell your Valentine all about your dedication to girls’ education. (If that doesn’t earn you points, we don’t know what will!)

This Valentine’s Day, show a Daraja girl you care. Give her a desk.