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Daraja’s Got Talent

On Saturday, July 20th, Daraja girls competed in a Talent Show to take a quick break from their end of term exam studying. Twenty-four acts took the stage and performed skits, sang songs, recited poems, or entertained with dance. Impressed by the girls’ stellar confidence, volunteers, Transition Program students, and even some administrators watched the girls

Daraja celebrates Malala Day

On October 9, 2012, Malala Yousafzai, a young activist for girls’ education, survived an assassination attempt by Taliban gunmen, in her home country of Pakistan. Her wounds were felt worldwide, including by Daraja students and staff. Check out what happened last year, when Daraja students were asked what steps they could take to let Malala

Daraja Students: Peacemakers

On Sunday, July 14th, Alice Nderitu from Kenya’s Institute for Inclusive Security visited Daraja’s campus to give a talk to the girls about Women Peacemakers. Alice has a great deal of experience in peacemaking, Before she spoke, founder Jason Doherty challenged the girls with two tasks: first, to take time to talk with Alice during

The Importance of Volunteerism at Daraja

Summer is always busy at Daraja, thanks in large part to the slew of volunteers who come, from around the world, to experience the school. In June, 14 high school students from Woodside Priory School in California arrived at Daraja Academy, where they spent a week volunteering in many different capacities. Volunteerism is important for

Writing Project at Daraja

Kathy Gonzalez is a high school English teacher at Woodside Priory School in California. Since last week, she's been one of four chaperones accompanying 14 Priory students on their trip to Daraja Academy. All of the volunteers are having exciting experiences; Kathy is doing something especially cool. Since fall 2012, Kathy has been electronically communicating

Daraja girls win big at local music festival

Last Thursday and Friday, June 13 and 14, fourteen Daraja students spent the days in Nanyuki town, where they participated in a large, government-run music festival. Dozens of high schools from across the local county of Laikipia gathered to sing songs, recite poetry, and do (traditional Kenyan) dances. Prior to the festival, the fourteen participants

Daraja screens new film for students

Last Friday evening, every Daraja student gathered to watch, for the first time ever, the newest Daraja film "School of My Dreams" (by Out of The Blue Films, Inc. - check out its trailer here). Before its premier, the girls also watched "Girls of Daraja," the first movie made about the school years ago by

Madaraka Day

Full independence from British colonizers in Kenya occurred almost fifty years ago, on December 12, 1963. Last weekend, Kenyans celebrated Madraka Day, which was the day when they received internal self-rule on June 1. Since this is the fiftieth anniversary of the monumental occasion, Purity, a Form 1, wanted to share an explanation of the

Transition students do community development

On Saturday, May 25, every Transition Program student went to Nanyuki town to work on community development. They gathered in Central Park, a small park in the center of town which, at night, is often populated with street kids (vulnerable/orphaned children who may be homeless and are fighting for their lives). There, the girls split

How do nearby schools compare to Daraja?

Naibor is a small town walking-distance from Daraja Academy. There’s not much there – the main road cuts right through a handful of small shops, churches, and restaurants. A secondary school opened in Naibor last March, but it is lacking.   The Naibor region A few months ago, Daraja cofounder Jason Doherty was

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