Peace building class helps make sense of Westgate attacks

In WISH (Women of Integrity, Strength, and Hope) class this term, third year Daraja students (11th grade) are learning all about conflict resolution and peace building. Piggybacking Alice Nderitu’s peace building talk during Term Two, the lessons are full of exciting ways to brainstorm the development of peace throughout the world, but more specifically, in

We Are One.

Our hearts go out to the victims of the recent attack in Nairobi. Daraja Academy students, faculty, staff, and their families are safe and accounted for. Daraja stands in solidarity with the victims and their loved ones, the brave response personnel, and generous relief volunteers. We are one!

With knowledge comes opportunity

As a benchmarking tool, Daraja started a project where students and staff leave campus for a few days to experience a nearby school. This tool will not only be used to observe how Daraja measures up in terms of a Kenyan educational institution, but will also expose staff and students to various teaching styles, schedules,

Start a Daraja Club!

It is clear to us at Daraja Academy that passionate students can be the best advocates for other passionate students. Around the world, from San Francisco to Australia, students are advocates for Daraja Academy and Girls Education through Daraja Clubs. From visiting campus and interacting with Daraja girls to hosting successful fundraising events to participating

Women in Conservation lecture held for Daraja students!

In the heart of Laikipia County, beautiful wildlife conservancies like the Mpala Research Centre are nearby Daraja’s campus.  Each year, Mpala hosts hundreds of researchers who focus on the wildlife and vegetation in the area. Daraja Academy prioritizes local partnerships, so Daraja students were eager to learn when Mpala hosted a “Women in Conservation” lecture

“I left Daraja Academy feeling blessed beyond measure.”

Now that the summer season has come to a close in the United States, many of Daraja's dedicated volunteers and visitors have left campus. It is no secret that the hands of volunteers are incredibly valuable here on campus and the global relationships that they establish are cherished by both students and visitors. Cristen, a student

Daraja Students Learn About Internet Security

During a teacher development workshop in July, Daraja teachers discussed the importance of computer literacy for Daraja Academy graduates. Martin, our computer class teacher and IT specialist on campus, works closely with Daraja students and teachers to integrate technology use into classroom curriculums. “Based on how the world is right now, every employer expects you

Purity, Form 1 writes about her August Break

After the end of Term 2, Daraja students headed to their homes all across the country of Kenya to spend two weeks on break from classes. One student, Purity, an aspiring journalist, recorded her experiences on break in a diary in order to tell Daraja supporters what break is like for Daraja students. Here is

2013 Prefect Elections Held: Who are Daraja’s newest student leaders?

On Friday, September 6 Annual Prefect Elections were held at Daraja Academy. In the weeks prior, lunch and dinner conversations were filled with chatter about nominations and the upcoming elections, and the girls were all excited to elect their newest school leaders. A prefect is a representative of the student body with a specialized position.

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