February 2017

She wants to be a WISH

One of the things that makes Daraja Academy unique is the WISH (Women of Integrity, Strength, and Hope) curriculum. This is a series of classes devoted to improving the girls’ self-esteem, self-reliance, and leadership skills. The Daraja girls take the classes for all four years of secondary school. Campus volunteer Gloria Diamond recounts her

Be a better Valentine: Buy her a desk!

Every day on campus, a Daraja girl hits her desk at 6AM. Aside from meals, sports, and the occasional club meeting, she stays anchored to that desk until 10PM - and that’s only because we close the classrooms down! The Daraja girls are putting everything they have into their studies, but our rapidly deteriorating

A Day in the Life of a Daraja Girl

Daraja girls are busy! From sunrise to sundown, their days are filled with classes, studying, and activities. As out amazing volunteer Gloria Diamond takes you through what a typical day looks like, ask yourself: do you have what it takes to be a Daraja girl? 6:00-6:45- Sport (Tuesdays/Thursdays) It’s tough - I’ve done it - but SO worth it

January 2017

Getting to Know Daraja’s Neighbors

Daraja is all about community. Daraja girls undertake 30 hours of community service a year, and are leading examples of girls who have become empowered through education. Volunteering at Daraja will introduce you to a network of non-profits serving the local community. Here are four of our favorites: (A look into the Daraja neighborhood) 1.

A Day in the Life of a Campus Volunteer: Gloria Diamond

    Name: Gloria Diamond Age: 22 Hometown: Shudy Camps, England Volunteer period: January 10 - January 25 "The greatest lesson I have learned is that the power of education is limited if it is decided that only certain individuals should possess it. Share it, encourage it, distribute it equally, then watch its power grow."

Daraja River Drained by Drought

Just as the sun was preparing to sink on Sunday evening, the Daraja girls gathered around the rapidly drying Daraja River. They gestured to the point in the narrow gorge where the water’s surface sits in rainier times; if the girls had stood in the same positions, they all would have been fully submerged with

The California Team is on Campus!

Hello from the Daraja Campus in Laikipia County, Kenya! The Daraja Education Fund (DEF) team - including our Executive Director, John McCue, and Communications Coordinator, Janelle Lamb - arrived on campus last week to join the 3rd member of our team and founder of Daraja Academy, Jenni Doherty. (No, we don’t hire solely on first

November 2016

Happy Giving Tuesday! 5 Reasons to Support a Daraja Girl Today

Today marks the fifth anniversary of a fantastic tradition: a day of giving back to our communities and the world. Last year, our incredible supporters raised $40,000 to educate Kenyan girls living in material poverty. This year, we’re aiming to beat last year’s goal and raise $60,000! We’re also excited to announce that today, the

What does it mean to be a Daraja Girl? (In the words of Daraja Girls)

We asked the Daraja girls to complete statement about what their education has taught them about their capabilities, their rights, their abilities to initiate change, and what being an ‘Agent of Change’ means to them. The following answers are from seven Form 4 senior students: My education has taught me that I can… “Change the

Unlocking an ‘Agent of Change’ – The Daraja Method

Daraja Academy is proud to be one of many schools in Kenya who are working towards seeing every girl educated from primary school through university. But with the recent influx of Kenyan girls’ schools, what makes Daraja Academy unique? Here’s how the Daraja method stands out: 1. Meeting material needs first We believe the boarding

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