Daraja is in the business of educating leaders

Daraja Academy provides an exemplary secondary education to girls who have no other means of continuing school. We recruit girls who, despite their circumstances, have earned high grades and give back to their communities. We choose them because every girl has the right to learn. We choose them because the best indicator of leadership potential is the ability to display grit, courage, and kindness when faced with adversity. We choose them because the best disrupters of poverty are those who were born in it.

Daraja offers extraordinary leadership education to even more extraordinary girls.

The 4 Pillars of Daraja

Pillar #1

Be accountable for the role you play at Daraja, neither neglecting it, nor abusing it

Pillar #2

Maintain open communication, speak honestly and listen effectively

Pillar #3

Embrace differences and treat all with dignity and respect.

Pillar #4

Every day, leave it better than you found it

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