Daraja is a revolutionary idea

Daraja provides students with full scholarships and resources to be critical thinkers, progressive leaders, and architects of their futures. The academy provides shelter, food, healthcare and counseling services so students may focus on their academic and personal potential without the everyday barriers they would otherwise face. Our groundbreaking educational model has generated a community of students filled with intellectual curiosity and a hunger to learn.

We believe educated girls can transcend poverty and change the world,

but don’t take our word for it.

Watch our inspirational video and witness the magic for yourself!

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Executive Producer Deborah Santana. Directed & Produced by Emmy-winning filmmaker Barbara Rick. Cinematography & Sound by Jim Anderson. Edited by Ann Collins. Associate Producer/Assistant Editor Julia Wrona. Music by Salvador Santana, Rachael Sage, John Califra & Pearson Constantino. Animation by Dancing Diablo. A Production of Out of The Blue Films, Inc. a 501(c)(3)